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Wellness Plans

At Minnehaha Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of Wellness Plans designed for all life stages of your cat or dog.  

Wellness Plans are not insurance, but rather we have grouped the recommended annual preventive care services in a discounted package.  For adult cats and dogs, you can choose the care options best suited for your pet.  For pupppies and kittens, all recommended preventative care for the first year is included — and you have the option of including the spay or neuter if needed.  Additionally, we offer budget friendly, interest free monthly payment options for the Wellness Plans.  Payments are processed each month by auto withdrawal from your checking account*

We’ve updated our plans as of January 2022 based on feedback from clients!  If you have a plan in progress currently, the plan will auto-renew to one of the new plans when your current plan is done.  

Check Out Our Plan Options:



1.     How can I sign up? – Sign up is quite simple in the clinic.  There is a credit agreement that you complete (no credit check – for our records only) and the CSR will get your pet signed up through our Petly portal.  Please bring a voided check or a credit card.  The initial payment is run the day you sign up and then automatically run on the 20th of each month for the duration of your contract.

2.     What is covered? – We only have wellness care services included in our plans.  Depending on the age of your pet and what you expect might be needed in terms of preventative care over the year you can select a plan that best fits your pet’s needs.  

3.     What is the advantage to a Wellness Plan vs. paying for services as I go?  - You are purchasing a set of specific services.  We’ve grouped the services together, applied a 10% discount and offer the option of 12 monthly payments with no interest which can be easier on the budget.  You can also pay in full at the time of sign up if you do not want monthly payments.  The  total you pay for the package of services (with the 10% discount applied) is the same whether you pay in full or with monthly payments.

 4.     When can I start using the services in my pet’s plan? – Right away!  With the exception of the surgery/dental credit or spay/neuter credit.  A minimum of 4 payments must be received before you are able to use the surgery benefit.

5.     What happens if my pet goes to a new owner or passes away? – The plan is not transferable.  We would check to see the total amount your pet received in services already and subtract the amount of payments received.  If you’ve received more in services than payments received you would owe the difference.

6.     How do I know what plan is best for my pet? – Your veterinarian can help guide you.  Consider the age of the pet (as they get older more services are recommended to keep them in optimal health) and whether a dental or surgical procedure is recommended.

7.     Why is there an enrollment fee? – The one time $49 enrollment fee goes directly to the company that manages the Wellness Plans for us.  They have the secure transaction processing software to store payment information and do the monthly ACH or credit card transactions.  Once you pay the enrollment fee, there are no additional enrollment fees as long as the Plan continues to renew at the end of the term.